Event Planning Tips for 2020

Whether you're a seasoned professional ready to freshen up your planning strategy or are new to the game and looking to get a head start, ensure you'll be on the right track with our top event planning tips to set yourself up for 2020 success.

Identify End Goals Early On

Want to ensure those clients that come to you early in 2020 will be back for repeat business later in the year? We've got the secret to winning them over, and it's simple: Get a handle on their ultimate objective right off the bat.

You may be an expert at cultivating an event that turns heads with stunning décor, though your client may have another primary focus -- like recruiting new talent or showcasing a new product. By taking the time to understand their most important goals right away, you'll ensure you make the right planning and budgeting moves to help accomplish them. In other words, you may be able to pass on the chocolate fountain in favor of an exciting raffle or a stellar guest speaker... and in turn, a much happier client.

Focus on Your Relationships

A fresh year may be all about fresh business, but that doesn't mean you won't have a former client or two who would love to use your services again. Lucky for you, a new year always marks the perfect excuse to reach out and touch base to help you stay top of mind. Put together a fun “Happy New Year!” e-blast for your email list, or consider sending a thoughtful note via snail mail instead. Chances are, you'll be the first they think of when it's time for their first 2020 event.

Similarly, use this new year mindset to create a habit of nurturing those relationships all year long. For instance, set a reminder to distribute a quarterly newsletter that highlights industry trends you're loving and using, or that showcases a few of your most exciting recent events. You'll ensure your contacts are kept in the loop, excited about what you're doing, and much more likely to reach out to you when it's their turn to start planning.

Take Advantage of Virtual Planning

In a time where working remotely and moving tasks online is the norm, it's no secret we can expect for many aspects of event planning to move to the virtual world in 2020, too. While it may feel intimidating to trust technology with a few core pieces of your business, you're sure to love the benefits that will come along with it.

For starters, you'll save time (and fuel costs!) by opting to hold client, vendor and venue meetings online -- and chances are, your fellow meeting attendees will love the convenience, too. You'll also likely find that many venues have provided all you need to know about space reservations right on their websites. From floorplans, to square footage to virtual tours and more, you'll save big time by checking out the space right from the comfort of your desk. Check out our own virtual tour of the McClellan Conference Center here!

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