How to Delight Guests at Your Next Sacramento Event

Event attendees have one thing in common: they want to have a good time.

Be it a lecture, a concert, or even a multi-day conference, every attendee wants to come away with a feeling of delight. When you’re planning an event there are many ways to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves.

How to Delight Guests at Your Next Sacramento Event

Focus on 5-Star Service

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that food, beverage, and service are the main players in how a client determines the quality of their event experience. Food or service that is subpar – or downright terrible – will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the very people you are trying to create a positive experience for.

Assure that you book your catering with a professional service that has a reputation for consistent and delicious nosh. You’ll want to review their menu options to be sure that their offerings align with your client’s specific needs.

But remember, the type and quality of food offered isn’t the only consideration when planning your event. Quality of service is just as important.

When your guests look back on the event you’ve hosted, will they remember being treated with courtesy and respect by the service staff? Will they recall the attentive and helpful quality of those working the event?

Be sure the service experience at your event is as delightful as the delicious food you’re providing.

Also, ensure that all staff working the event are thoroughly informed as to the specific needs of your guests. If there are multiple facets to the event - i.e. different lectures, rooms with tutorials, etc. – be sure that those working the event are able to answer any questions that guests may have or at least know who they can direct them to for answers.

Making guests work in order to figure out what is going on or where it’s taking place will not be delighted. Plan ahead by ensuring everyone on your staff knows the score.

Offer Easy Accessibility

How many times have you arrived at a special event Sacramento and been greeted with an impossible parking situation? Maybe it’s a Saturday night event at a popular downtown event venue where 3 other events are taking place at the same time as yours. Or maybe it’s a weeknight but there is construction taking place near the venue causing traffic slow-downs and blocked parking spaces.

Paid parking garages can be overcrowded, difficult to navigate, and just an all-around stressful experience, while parallel street parking… well. You understand how difficult it can be on a busy Sacramento street. Not to mention new city ordinances which extend paid parking late into the evening in the more highly trafficked downtown locations.

Planning your event in a location with ample, easy, and free parking is sure to please guests who have become accustomed to bracing themselves for the headache of finding and paying for parking when attending an event.

Ease of access to your event venue is much appreciated by vendors, too!

Being able to drive in, easily secure a free parking space, and walk right into your event is sure to start a guest’s night off with a smile and a relaxed demeanor.

Adapt and Engage

Cramming too much into one space can make an event seem chaotic or even dizzying. If the event your planning is multifaceted, with different lectures, sessions, meetings, or activities, pick a venue with multiple breakout rooms in addition to a large, main gathering place.

If yours is a multi-day event, mix things up to keep it interesting. Strive to make the separate events distinct in nature, but make sure they are each acting as a piece of the cohesive overall theme. You don’t want one day to run into the next but you do want to keep it all tied together.

Be sure you bring in well-trusted, creative partners that can support your vision while remaining flexible. Know you’re working with people that will take your thematic ball and run with it.

Keep pace in mind while you’re planning activities for your event to avoid guest burnout from one day to the next. Give them plenty of options to stay engaged without neglecting time for rest and rejuvenation.

Never forget that many attendees are not just there for the event itself, but rather to network with new people or reconnect with old friends. Allowing time for personal interaction creates a relaxed atmosphere in the midst of all the bustle.

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McClellan Conference Center can delight your guests with professional services including in-house audiovisual and catering through their preferred partner, The Officer’s Club. Or you can bring in your own vendors - McClellan has an open vendor policy that allows you to work with your favorites.

McClellan Conference Center – located 10 miles NE of downtown Sacramento on an 8 million square foot former military base turned business campus – is one of the easiest venues in Sacramento to access. Both vendors and guests appreciate the convenience of parking and accessing the facility – something not too common in other Sacramento venues.

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