Things to Consider When Booking a Conference Space

Your upcoming conference may be months away, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to get a head start on planning. After all, curating the perfect event requires tackling a lengthy to-do list, sorting out those logistical details, and narrowing down the perfect space for the big day(s).

Speaking of narrowing down your space, we've put together a few tips to help ensure you start things off on the right track. (The perfect venue is the first step to the perfect event, after all!) Read on for a look at the top three things to consider when booking your next conference space.

Is the Venue Conveniently Located?

Whether attendees will be traveling from out of town or making just a short trek to your conference, you'll want to ensure all aspects of the event are as convenient as possible. For instance, if you’re planning a large-scale gathering, it's a wise choice to ensure your venue offers plenty of onsite parking -- there's nothing worse than a tense group of guests arriving late due to parking constraints! Not to mention, you'll surely earn bonus points if you can confirm that parking will be free for attendees, too.

If you're needing to factor in lodging opportunities, be sure to inquire about local accommodations. While many venues may offer an ultra-unique setting or a show-stopping backdrop, they'll likely do no good if the closest hotel option is nowhere nearby. Similarly, if your conference is a multi-day event, you'll want to confirm guests will be in close proximity to dining and entertainment options. The more accessible the venue, the happier guests are likely to be.

Does the Venue Provide Dedicated Onsite Staff?

Let’s face it -- conferences are hectic! With continuously moving parts and hundreds to thousands of guests to delight, tackling the entire event single-handedly can feel like a recipe for disaster. When the big day comes, there's nothing that compares to knowing you have a trusted, dedicated team on your side to lend a helping hand.

While you may have your own event team behind the scenes, it's important to ensure your venue offers a selection of onsite staff, too. They'll be able to advise on A/V and technical issues, space logistics and other last-minute, unforeseen issues that are unique to the event location. Beyond that, a venue that also provides staffing to handle setup and teardown, catering needs and more means you'll be able to focus your efforts on the areas (and attendees!) that matter most.

Does the Venue Offer Flexible Space?

You may be glancing at your guest list of hundreds and envisioning one large conference space that's sure to comfortably accommodate them all. But chances are, your event may call for even more of a flexible venue than you thought. For instance, will attendees need a spot to mingle before heading into the main event? Would smaller meeting rooms be beneficial to encourage breakout sessions? Should a separate space for buffet-style catering be considered?

As your event plan develops, you're likely to identify a few aspects that would benefit from the option of a flexible event space. We'd recommend making a list of event components that are important to you, such as space for small presentation stage, a room that accommodates round tables of 10, or a separate holding area for keynote speakers. By identifying your most crucial needs early on, you can feel confident in selecting a venue that has the capacity to accommodate them all.

We hope you're feeling inspired to go out and book the perfect conference space for an event to remember. If you'd like to learn more about our flexible options here at the McClellan Conference Center, click here to discover all that we have to offer.

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