Event Guidelines at McClellan Conference Center

We want your event to be as successful as possible! This comprehensive policy sheet is meant for your protection and to ensure that you are aware of the abilities and liabilities of MCC for the purpose of all event pre-planning.

  1. Reservations are issued to the first party to complete a contract and all required steps to guarantee their reservation. If your contract is not in place and the appropriate deposit is not made on a specific date, then your date is still available and may be rented to another party.
  2. Your rental time MUST include your setup and clean-up. This means the time that you need for your event contractors to setup and breakdown their area, remove all personal items, etc. If you go over your contracted rental time, you will be responsible for additional fees.
  3. Access to the center is only allowed during your contracted hours. You are not allowed to enter the center until your contracted rental time begins. Failure to exit the center at the end of your contracted end time will result in additional fees.
  4. MCC will provide set-up and breakdown of our items as agreed upon and initialed on the layout diagram or for the specific room(s) rented.  Room diagrams are due 7 days prior to the start of the event.
  5. Alcohol is permitted for consumption only in designated areas.
  6. No outside food and beverage are permitted on premise.  All food and beverage must be purchased through the MCC.
  7. The conference center closes at midnight (if you have rented until midnight). Everyone must vacate at this time, No exceptions.
  8. All special rental items (dance floor, PA, MIC, stage, etc.) must be requested and paid for in full before the event. These items cannot be moved or altered once set-up is complete.
  9. NO SMOKING is allowed inside the building, either levels, at any time.
  10. All decorations/equipment must be removed at the end of each event. Any items left for more than 24 hours without a phone call or prior approval will be thrown away or become property of MCC.
  11. No open candles allowed in the center. Candles MUST be domed or contained at all times. Please check with staff concerning centerpieces or decorations that will include candles.
  12. All furniture in lobby, hallways, and through-out MCC MUST remain in their designated area, and assigned rooms. DO NOT ALTER OR MOVE.
  13. No outside equipment, furnishings, or similar items are allowed in the building or on the premises without written permission from the center.
  14. No structures of any kind are allowed in parking lot or grass area of center.
  15. No grills are permitted on the premises, either level, at any time.
  16. No banners are allowed inside or outside of center without prior approval.
  17. Advertisements or public announcements identifying the McClellan Conference Center (other than wedding invitations) should not be distributed without written approval from MCC.
  18. Decorations may not be attached in any way to surface or walls of the facility. No nails, tacks, staples, tape, or other items should be used to hang objects anywhere in the building or on the premises. We do allow clients to use blue tape to hang decorations.
  19. Proper etiquette is expected in common areas, including lobbies, restrooms, hallways, etc. that may or may not be shared by those renting the building at the same time.
  20. No fog machines, glitter or confetti are allowed. 
  21. Storage of personal items must be approved of in advance.
  22. Parking is only approved in the designated MCC parking lots.  Vehicles parked in other locations may be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  23. There is no access to a kitchen at the MCC. Ice, refrigeration and freezer storage are not provided by MCC.

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